Friday, September 12, 2014

Zuckerberg and Tolkien: Ducunt Fata volentum, nolentum trahunt

JRR Tolkien and Zuckerberg, while not the ideal comparison of men, will suffice for the exercise to occur below:

  • Inherently gifted (Tolkien in writing and language, while Zuck is a natural coder)
  • Focused on their work
  • Private
  • Both have cults
This will be a short post, as I have had a long day, but I am writing it because I made a promise to a friend of mine, and I keep my promises.

Many decry (this season, it's the GOP's turn) Zuckerberg's opinions on immigration and amnesty for illegal immigrants already in the country.  The question begs, "Is Zuck off?"

I answer:  no.  Zuck is entirely "in form" and consonant with the rest of the orchestra, neither leading nor lagging:  Zuck is in form for today's America.

Contrast with JRR Tolkien, consummate academic, scholar, and novelist sans pareil.  He enlisted in the British military and actually saw action, lost friends in horrible deaths, and suffered constantly from trench-related diseases.

Question:  would Tolkien, today, agree or disagree with Zuck, and would Zuck in 1916 refuse to join the British military?

Indulge your imagination and ponder this, as my question is inherently "non-falsifiable", but I wager bottom-dollar hypothecated from own eyes that Zuck would have enlisted in the British military in 1916, and likewise Tolkien wouldn't have understood the aversion to amnesty and more open immigration today.

The real problem is the State has let us down, and yes, it IS decaying, and yes, the transition WILL be difficult, but recall Spengler's last words from "Decline of the West":

ducunt fata volentum, nolentum trahunt

Thursday, July 3, 2014

ExIm Bank: Teabagging Idiocy & Taleb's "Salaryman" problem

The ExIm Bank is an indispensable institution to help promote US trade:  without the ExIm Bank, small businesses simply can not export meaningful quantities of, well, anything without inordinate cost and risk. Regarding aircraft leasing, ExIm should be proud of its accomplishments in crushing Airbus.

 The morons who say the "private sector" should act the role of the ExIm Bank clearly have no experience in global trade or running a start-up business:  banks will NOT do ANYTHING, with ANYONE, unless there is basically no risk.

All "non-sexy" American companies have been hyper-risk averse, since the crash, and for good reason:  2008 was a brutal attack on the sinecures of thousands of well-paid managers, and mgmt wants to preserve its status, even at the cost of opportunity.  In some cases, it's truly justified, as in the power industry, where constantly changing regulations make it impossible to invest with a 20 year horizon.  In other cases, it's an intuitive sense of unease, a deep, atavistic fear of "losing it all", which comes from an intuitive understanding that one has no real value in his role and could be replaced by someone cheaper and possibly better.  This FEAR plagues all mgmt in all big, non-sexy companies.  Taleb has identified this "salaryman" practice as a key defect in Western society, and it needs to be replaced by a per capita welfare distribution, with all gains made in commerce just capital gains as opposed to a "guaranteed salary".

I would encourage a teabagger to start a company that makes, say, pickles, and try to export them to Japan.  Go talk to Chase about trade credit.  Oh, they're not interested in your company:  too inchoate and small?  That's unfortunate.  Perhaps you can slog it out for 5 years in the domestic market, while a Russian company with mafia subsidies floods Japanese pickle market.  3 years later, you go bankrupt, and perhaps your company would've been a huge hit in Japan, but you'll never know, now, will you?

I hope someone can find a stake to stick in the heart of the people sincerely against the ExIm bank, because they will only hurt their own.

DHS vs Blackwater: Battle of the American Siloviki

As America's political system continues to sunder and desicate, both wings of govenrment, either privately or even publicly, advocate a military totalitarian solution to the intractable politics facing us, now.  Exacerbating the issue are people on the left and right voting for the most extreme part of either wing, since the moderates are not trusted to have the conviction to stand for principle at any cost.

I have seen this happen in Israel, and it's a result of total political paralysis resulting from a "civil" civil-war, which we face, today, in the US.

However, my purpose here is not to examine the decline and fall of the Republic and its metapmorphisis into Caesarism, as predicted by our prophet, Oswald Spengler.  No, my interest lies elsewhere:  the future of power in the US.

Right now, MONEY, and MONEY alone rules.  The oligarchs in Silicon Valley and other urban areas have little doubt in the tenure of their reign:  you can see it in their triumphalism, their anti-historical vision of mankind and the future:  Icarus isn't flying close to the sun:  he flies straight INTO IT.

We are reaching a point where the money in the US has become so a-national, its efforts to castrate the US defense establishment will force the American defense elite to either die-off or morph into the giant gendarmie of DHS, a humiliating and servile end for any warrior.

However, they have hope:  as many in the Right publicly yearn for an "American Putin", the warrior caste in the US will prove essential for crushing the power of the Left oligarchs, and eventually, oligarchs in general (except for the loyal ones, just like in Russia).  

What would Blackwater do, as the new warrior-caste in the US under Putinism?  Simple:  intimidate, torture, and kill any foes of the new regime.  The "foes" may include the children of Bahamian private bankers holding trustee cash for oligarchs seeking to avoid expropriation under American Putinism, the Left oligarchs themselves, and any intellectuals or artists who object to American Putinism.  All of these targets I just enumerated would be considered legitimate by your typical "angry Patriot", today, and so don't think there won't be a very, very strong mandate for torturing and killing these people.

If you argue that there would be severe economic consequences because of American Putinism, I encourage you to ask an "angry Patriot" if he would accept living barefoot and the cold the rest of life in exchange for having all the smug oligarchs and their families massacred.  If you have any imagination, you already know the answer.

Right now, Blackwater is an "off-shore" entity, but at some point, it will come back home:  Eric Prince has an apt last name, as he'll be a natural "interior minister" for the Fascist American Republic.

As for DHS vs. Blackwater, it's a simple war between cop and warrior:  simple, because we already know who wins.  The dark power in the Right knows this.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Putin's latest Export: Dangerous Men

Putin continues his provocations E. Ukraine and has no reason to stop, despite his conciliatory feints.  One of the major incentives for him not to quit is actually an internal need to extirpate ultra-nationalists from Russia itself and weaken possible opportunists within the FSB.  Analogous to what Yassir Arafat did with his "Black September" gang(although, Arafat just had them marry and settle down), Putin's plan still has upside even if his infiltration and provocation completely fails in Donetsk and Lugansk:   he eliminates another domestic threat.

The Russian army units on the border with Ukraine have orders to not let any infiltrators return... alive.  Putin anticipated trouble from frustrated E. Ukraine "veterans", armed and eager for a fight, looking for "their share" of the Russian "dream" (I know:  keep laughing).  Convoys of frustrated, angry Russian men constitute an intolerable risk for Putin, and so any retreating infiltrators will be shot.

Also, if the infiltrators know they either return with their shield or upon it, Putin determined they will fight ruthlessly and bravely, thereby increasing the odds of his success in these two regions.

In a country where dissenters end up on a meat-hook, you can never be too cynical.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Overwhelming Stupidity, or the Confusion about Obama's Fabian Socialism

I had no incentive to write here until today:  today, the PAIN I feel from hearing so much confusion and stupidity in the media compels me to purge this bile from within and onto this blog.  I also have no interest in comments nor critiques, because everything written here has no relevance to this blighted society:  we deserve everything we get.

There will never be a "mean reversion":  society is regressing to tribalism, but the salarymen analysts (as Taleb correctly identifies them), paid to be wrong or equivocal, confuse it with "urbanization":  it's not:  it's analogous to saying the slaves fleeing to Spartacus' camp are doing so because they see some great future:  no, they're fleeing a hopeless, meaningless present.  When all the survivors of a shipwreck cling to the same floatsam, is that a trend to cheer?

Do not debate me on the elite and their plans:  I know plenty about their vision.  Their vision is no greater than Fabian's staving-off Hannibal:  BUY TIME.  Obama trapped the deflationary elephants in the snowy pass of QE and reforms, but nothing has changed, long-term:  as technology inexorably makes more and more people pure liabilities, the elite will not invest anything into their welfare aside from self-serving social engineering.

If I have a wealthy(poor progressives bore me), "progressive" reader, here, I challenge you, right now:  Buffett gave over a billion dollars to promote abortion.  I have no judgement on women who get abortions, and this isn't about them:  it's about HIM.

Abortion:  killing children of the undesirable.  With one billion dollars, Buffett could literally build a model community, live there himself, and promote and advocate a positive society for the denizens of Buffettville.  He could have, in fact, made it a village for inchoate or weak couples who consider abortion, and using his "sagely" insights and guidance, helped guide these couples through life and act as a mentor, giving them confidence in themselves and in the support they can receive from the community.

However, that will never happen:  ever.  Why?  He doesn't care.  He really doesn't care enough to invest his time in some poor, overweight, uneducated black woman:  it's "more efficient" that she kill her child and USA Inc. imports an ambitious Vietnamese kid to "replace him".  He's in it for himself, and if you argue about his philanthropy, don't bore me:  philanthropy is an ethical safari for the rich.

What's worse, Buffett is one the "good guys":  many are far, far worse.  I was hard on Musk, earlier, because in fact he is an excellent manager, but he makes me so angry with his squandering of time and money on these idiotic trips to Mars, while squatters lay by the launch pad.

I am not advocating "equality" or "redistribution":  that's for demagogues and cowards.  What I AM saying is we need a MORAL or ETHICAL, not STRICTLY economic, authority.  That the Left, which claims to "love" black people, kills their unborn with industrial efficiency and postmodern indifference proves their loyalty only to eugenicist tendencies disguised as economic determinism and this idiotic concept known as "growth".

Friday, February 14, 2014

Snowden revealed: a complex plot to up-end US hegemony

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Jerusalem and salvation... but only for the beautiful

  I debate the merit of writing about the "end-game" vision of the nihilistic elite currently governing the West:  I find it necessary for me to ponder their view because they run the world (for now), and so it pays to anticipate them.  However, it's also so damn depressing to exhaust my life in pursuit of these Philistines' iditoic comsology.

  Let us begin.

  First, the "Sages" of the new Oligarchy have an exclusive cult:  in ancient Rome, as new gods displaced ancestor worship, the Roman elite believed only they could commune with these gods, as the lesser people lacked the noble essence requried to appreciate the divine.

 I wrote a while back about the total disinterest -- really, disdain so great that it literally sublimates a dimension away -- of the Techno-Oligarchs in the welfare of their society and their common man.  They see mankind in a completely mechanistic, socially-darwinian perspective, which isn't new:  the Communists, Nazis, Progressives (of which they belong), Ethical Socialists, Eugenicists, etc, all shared this faith in Reason and the complete dismissal of the Incomprehensible.

  However, what is new is their solution, which is hilarious, in my opinion:  to REGAIN the "mandate from heaven", to have casus belli, to preserve their Divine Right to control our lives and rule the world, they feel they must, they must colonize Space.  Didn't that gangster Elon Musk say that he'd prefer to die on Mars rather than Earth?  What does that really mean?  What that really means is simple:  he despises the rest of humanity so completely, that his ego demands an entire planet as his tomb.  Forget Pyramids, Zigguarats, or burial mounds:  these savages wants a PLANET.

  When a man already has everything the world can offer, the only thing left is legacy and destiny:  this is the prime driver of all human behavior and society.  Whether it's beheading unbelievers, aborting children, gassing Jews, or sending Ubermenschen to colonize the Universe, all these acts only prove the supremacy of destiny over all other principles and ethics governing our lives.

  Here's what I find humorous, though:  imagine these "ubermencshen" build their Utopia on Mars and leave the Untermenschen to rot on Earth... what if the Untermenschen were to launch a nuclear missile at the Ubermenschen's Mars base?

  I find this whole Mars initative so offensive because it won't solve anything nor improve anything:  there's no "progress":  this is pure escapism.  I assume these TechnoAssholes never bothered to read Utopian literature and about the history of Utopia...  nahh...  who needs to read, right?  We have a computer doing the thinking.  What could go wrong...  people getting dumber while computers get smarter... it's a joke.

  The concept that without the "untermenschen" and "legacy issues" plaguing the Mars utopia, Mankind can elevate his divinity and become closer to God or perfection (same thing)...  just smacks me as naive.  It also marks the end of the Progressive myth, as it becomes unsustainably intolerable, both intellectually and morally, to the masses, as blithe as they are.

  You know else talked about the "City on the Hill"?  Puritans did, and they burned witches alive.

  Have fun while you can, because we will, one day, have a religious resurgence in the West that will make Al Qaeda look sedate in comparison.

edit:  For those who doubt my claims about a religious uprising in the West, please see the Pope's approval rating.