Friday, February 14, 2014

Snowden revealed: a complex plot to up-end US hegemony

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Jerusalem and salvation... but only for the beautiful

  I debate the merit of writing about the "end-game" vision of the nihilistic elite currently governing the West:  I find it necessary for me to ponder their view because they run the world (for now), and so it pays to anticipate them.  However, it's also so damn depressing to exhaust my life in pursuit of these Philistines' iditoic comsology.

  Let us begin.

  First, the "Sages" of the new Oligarchy have an exclusive cult:  in ancient Rome, as new gods displaced ancestor worship, the Roman elite believed only they could commune with these gods, as the lesser people lacked the noble essence requried to appreciate the divine.

 I wrote a while back about the total disinterest -- really, disdain so great that it literally sublimates a dimension away -- of the Techno-Oligarchs in the welfare of their society and their common man.  They see mankind in a completely mechanistic, socially-darwinian perspective, which isn't new:  the Communists, Nazis, Progressives (of which they belong), Ethical Socialists, Eugenicists, etc, all shared this faith in Reason and the complete dismissal of the Incomprehensible.

  However, what is new is their solution, which is hilarious, in my opinion:  to REGAIN the "mandate from heaven", to have casus belli, to preserve their Divine Right to control our lives and rule the world, they feel they must, they must colonize Space.  Didn't that gangster Elon Musk say that he'd prefer to die on Mars rather than Earth?  What does that really mean?  What that really means is simple:  he despises the rest of humanity so completely, that his ego demands an entire planet as his tomb.  Forget Pyramids, Zigguarats, or burial mounds:  these savages wants a PLANET.

  When a man already has everything the world can offer, the only thing left is legacy and destiny:  this is the prime driver of all human behavior and society.  Whether it's beheading unbelievers, aborting children, gassing Jews, or sending Ubermenschen to colonize the Universe, all these acts only prove the supremacy of destiny over all other principles and ethics governing our lives.

  Here's what I find humorous, though:  imagine these "ubermencshen" build their Utopia on Mars and leave the Untermenschen to rot on Earth... what if the Untermenschen were to launch a nuclear missile at the Ubermenschen's Mars base?

  I find this whole Mars initative so offensive because it won't solve anything nor improve anything:  there's no "progress":  this is pure escapism.  I assume these TechnoAssholes never bothered to read Utopian literature and about the history of Utopia...  nahh...  who needs to read, right?  We have a computer doing the thinking.  What could go wrong...  people getting dumber while computers get smarter... it's a joke.

  The concept that without the "untermenschen" and "legacy issues" plaguing the Mars utopia, Mankind can elevate his divinity and become closer to God or perfection (same thing)...  just smacks me as naive.  It also marks the end of the Progressive myth, as it becomes unsustainably intolerable, both intellectually and morally, to the masses, as blithe as they are.

  You know else talked about the "City on the Hill"?  Puritans did, and they burned witches alive.

  Have fun while you can, because we will, one day, have a religious resurgence in the West that will make Al Qaeda look sedate in comparison.

edit:  For those who doubt my claims about a religious uprising in the West, please see the Pope's approval rating.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

EU & Co. "NSA Scandal" War on Silicon Valley: Bloomberg Finally Gets It

The EC and its trading partners are fucking FED UP with the disgusting parvenues in Silicon Valley with their private spaceships, private jet orgies, and billions of cash sequestered in US banks:

Google (GOOG) says the data-center requirement would hinder expansion in Brazil, the world’s sixth-largest market for Internet users, because the infrastructure would be complicated to develop. Violating the rule would cost Google 10 percent of its annual sales in Brazil, where it is the most-visited website, according to research firm ComScore Inc. (SCOR)While Google doesn’t disclose its Brazilian revenue, the country is the third-largest market for the company’s Android smartphone software and the nation with the fifth-most YouTube users. On a monthly basis, 92 percent of Brazilian Internet users visit Google sites, according to ComScore.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

EC Puts Out Report

I got it right, this time, with the EC...  boy, they play dirty, don't they?  Snowden will eventually reside in GerMONEY...

Europe's telecoms market is not working as it should. Unlike the EU, the US and China have
unified telecommunications markets of respectively 315 and 1350 million customers, served by
3 or 4 operators, acting within a single framework. In contrast, Europe's telecoms markets
remain fragmented along national borders. European companies are not big players on the
Internet. Non-European internet platforms such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Baidu are leaders in
the Internet economy and they are also among the biggest companies in the world.
Europe has been a leader in the past and has a number of global Information and
Communication Technology (ICT) industries. It has innovated in healthcare applications, smart
city technologies, electronic public services and open data. Europe has so much potential to
boost its growth and competitiveness but is now falling behind other world leaders in this field.
Europe urgently needs decisive action to regain momentum in this crucially important sector.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

J'avais raison!

Turns out I was right about my EU-Snowden theory:  he was a "saboteur" for the EU, to protect their internet IP, in connaivance with the Russians:

The new rules, if agreed, would ban the transfer of data unless based on EU law or under a new transatlantic pact with the Americans complying with EU law.
"Without any concrete agreement there would be no data processing by telecommunications and internet companies allowed," says a summary of the proposed new regime.
Such bans were foreseen in initial wording two years ago but were dropped under the pressure of intense lobbying from Washington. The proposed ban has been revived directly as a result of the uproar over operations by the US's National Security Agency (NSA).

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Snowden, the EU patriot: IP Protectionism

  This whole Snowden affair both bores and confounds me.  However, there is an angle we should consider regarding Snowden's motive or foreign backing:  EU anti-US IP agitation as a pretext for intellectual-property and internet-commerce protectionism.

  The EU can not compete against US tech IP, especially in software:  from Facebook to Google to Amazon, the EU has hemorraged trade to the US.

  However, what was the reaction of several nations since the Snowden provocation?


Internet service companies would have to follow Brazilian privacy laws and the government may also decide to store sensitive data such as tax information within the country to protect it from foreign spies, Internet Policy Secretary Virgilio Almeida told reporters in Brasilia yesterday. He spoke after a meeting between industry representatives and Rousseff.
“Brazil has one of the largest IT markets in the world,” Almeida said. “It’s natural that companies have part of their infrastructure in the country.”

In EU (lingering case, but Snowden helps):

While he did not go into great detail about what the deal would look like, Almunia did broadly outline how it may look. Under the proposal, Google would change the format of its search results page by making links to competitor search engines “significantly more visible.” The company would also change some of its practices, Almunia said, to give competing search engines more control over how information from their sites appear on Google.

 EU vs. Facebook: yes, it's an actual site, and I'm curious who finances it:

  Now, you might say, "This is a bit facile and contrived."  Ok, fair enough, however:

Whistleblower Edward Snowden has made the shortlist of finalists for this year’s Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. The other nominees include Pakistani women’s rights activist Malala Yousafzai, and three Belarusian dissidents.

 Considering the hundreds of billions at stake and Snowden's role in helping the EU's PR machine beat-up the US' tech monopolies, I think this is the least the EU could do for the guy.

  In the interim, Snowden camps-out at Vkontakt, a direct competitor of Facebook.  Let's see where he ultimately resides... perhaps in Germany after the EU gets the concessions they want out of the US, in this new trade row?  That could take a decade...

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tesla and the "Entertainment Society"

 Contrary to the patronizing insistence of the Club of Rome, UN, and other Malthusians, we live in an era of great surplus.

 As a result of these surpluses, "luxury" becomes distributed across the social spectrum:  no one debates whether or not he should buy a car or walk 20 miles:  he gets a car, of course!  Utility, distilled PURE utility in the physical, Euclidean realm, detached from all social-status associated with the manner of action, proves accessible to most people in the developed world.

  Society then re-orients itself to differentiate status not on Euclidean-plane Utility but in the Taoist Path to Utility:  Utility, but on the math that maximizes elegance.  Apple made its entire corporate career off the Taoist approach to consumer electronics, and I maintain Tesla now does the same to the car industry.

  The Tesla S is not a revolutionary vehicle in terms of raw IP and technology:  it is,  however, the luxury vehicle sans pareil:  anecdotally, it surpasses its competitors that cost $100k more.  It's unfortunate I didn't bother to appreciate how superior the Tesla S proved to its luxury competitors, as I would've made a fortune in Tesla stock!  I strictly considered Tesla a luxury goods company for the nouveau riche, not a serious contender in the luxury car market superceding all other contenders, even those that cost up to 100% more than the most expensive model S extant.

  Why do Tesla's sell so well?  The most important reason:  they're fun to drive, and they're more fun to drive than any of their competitors.  That they have far greater reliability and lower ownership costs than their competitors helps rationalize the purchase, but entertainment impels the purchase.

  However, as we saw wage-slaves indebt themselves for fancy smartphones, so we shall see the middling classes strive to own a Tesla, as they, too, want to share in the fun enjoyed by their betters.  Musk claims he'll have a $40k Everyman Car in a few years, and if he does deliver on this promise, Tesla could literally monopolize the entire auto industry:  all he needs to do is deliver this $40k electric car!

  Gas-powered vehicles are out of fashion:  range, engineering constraints, and even cost don't determine the future of the electric car:  they need to prove significantly more fun to drive than their peers and have sufficient range (200 miles in hard driving) to completely annihilate the ICE-powered passenger car industry.  The issues of recharging, etc, won't prove relevant, as people will ignore any inconveniences suffered as a trivial price to pay for the higher social status and greater driving enjoyment resulting from owning a Tesla.

  Diesel will maintain supremacy for commercial applications, of course.