Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Israel: Ukraine's Southern-Front and Obama's Underbelly

Israel plays a key role in Ukraine:  much procurement, financing, and even manpower comes from Israel to support the Ukrainian independence war.

Obama's trying to keep Israel at bay while Valerie Jarret fornicates with the Mullah's in some asinine nuclear deal.  Naturally, Putin interposes himself somewhere in the process, giving aid to Hamas or Hezbollah, as needed, and also bribing key Mossad members who are pro-Russian into trying to divide Israeli public opinion.

Fair or not, the "Western alliance" has a very soft belly, and it extends all the way down to Eilat.

"European-Eurasian Union: A New Vision for European-Russian Co-Prosperity"

A perspicacious observer would ask why Germany and France demonstrate such an apparent reluctance to "punish" Russia.

This is a good observation and raises a profound question, the answer to which eludes anyone without an appreciation for the tenuous trade situation between Germany, France, and the US:

  • The US dominates Europe with respect to both wealth and technological innovation.
  • There's no apparent change in policy that will end European subordination to the US.
  • There is a substantial elite in Europe that believes "policy" can curb US economic dominance and technical innovation (German "Wise Men").
This elite is Putin's target audience:  he needs to convince them that without Russian patronage, they can not maintain their power, let alone increase it, and that without Russian protection and alliance, the US will "swallow" Europe and reduce it to a backwater.

With every Mars rocket launched in Silicon Valley, the idea of "using" Putin to curb American economic dominance gains appeal to these "Wise Men".  Putin knows the deepest fears of his European colleagues, and it isn't Russian tanks in Latvia:  it's Amazon, Facebook, GE, and Google.

Of course, Snowden was the first pawn to move in this game:  break the "trust" between EU and US in matters of data and inspire "data resource nationalism".


In an interview with newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Traffic Minister Alexander Dobrindt stressed that Germany intends to be a world leader for digital vehicles and not dependent on Google technology.
"We have to achieve a digital sovereignty, independent from America and Asia," Dobrindt said.




Saturday, January 3, 2015

Eugenic Function of Feminism

I generally think so little of "feminism" as to not even deign to discuss it, but I feel compelled to articulate my understanding of this social excrescence:

The founders of feminism were, to a man, eugenicists, by way of humanism:  second-wave feminism issued from an economic analysis of the workforce during and after WWII.  Again, read this carefully:  an economic analysis impelled the movement, not an apeal to God, and not an appeal to the "inherent dignity" of Man(that was earlier).  The earlier feminists appealed to humanistic sensibilities of self-fulfillment and self-determination, with the eugenic payoff of a fully-realized, cosmopolitan woman who can contribute far more than the trammeled breeding and homemaking machine.  That one could fully realize himself was the objective, and this concept of self would take us to Sennet's discussion of public/private man, and this digression would make this blog post unduly turgid.

The purpose of all institutions in the West, today, is to further the eugenic goal:  why is that the "progressive movement" has the support of all major academies, corporations, and oligarchs?  Simple:  progressive movements yield a capital gain (theoretically) and provides a "stable" environment in which oligarchs and the establishment may enjoy their prizes for generations. 

The bulk of the White population is stuck in an orbit of trash:  they're not escaping the lower classes quickly enough for the Machine to tolerate their dominance of society(not enough capital gains per capita), and so a new, progressive order, guided by Capital, academies, and bureaucrats, determined to replace it.  That the white race is slowly facing extinction is only a result of its own decadence:  the pious communities of Mormons, orthodox Jews, Amish, &c continue to grow.  Therefore, there are some kernels of truth in the progressive nihilism towards "traditional culture", and if it weren't "progressivism" to destroy this weak and flawed system/religion, it would've been something else.

Then, the question is, "If Progressivism destroys the 'old, decadent ways', then isn't it also a religious movement?"  The answer to this should be self-evident:  have you ever seen the eager martyrdom of a progressive?  They will shake hands with a dying ebola patient, if they think it will advance the "eugenic cause".

We've lost focus on an already discursive blog post:  with the motivation and provenance above, the progressive religion, the eugenic religion, seeks to destory the "decadent, old forms" and yield a superior system of "higher returns" in both "capital and justice", whatever that means.  Feminism, then, isn't a movement:  it's an excresence on the face of the progressive god, who demands all infidels consumed by Moloch's fire.  Feminism only exists by accident, as a weapon in a greater war against the "old ways".

Today, the latest Feminists decry all male sexual expression as "rape":  they even admit to the purpose of this "rubber-law":  to castrate all non-elite (using whatever metric one desires) men.  Their argument is that there are too many men populating the world, that men are obsolete because of automation, and so, again, to "improve" the world, they must eliminate surplus men and their "bad blood".

It's ironic how the most "radical" feminists of today have the same eugenic beliefs as the most patriarchal, racist, and bigoted thinkers of the 19th century.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Where are the "Smart People"?

A fellow blogger wrote an incisive diagnosis of why the US military and political  bureacuracy does not succeed in achieving their stated strategic objectives.  I agree completely with his diagnosis and analysis.

I go a step further, though: I argue that this problem shall prove intractable until "revolution", and that it attends the decline of the "nation-state" and the dissolution of the US into oligarch-controlled, a-national gangs.  That the US military's chief "threat" is "climate change" means that oligarchs in Vail, Sun Valley, and on helicopter-fishing trips in Alaska agreed that non-elite consumption of goods, i.e. yours, is the biggest threat to the legacy of their kingdoms.

Consider the current fashion of materialistic axioms:

  • History is over:  there are no significant threats to the status quo (i.e. their palaces and mega-yachts).
  • There is no need for a large, competent Imperial military when the US "wealth machine" and a few highly-trained mercenaries and drones can "sort it out".
  • The "native" population possess an intolerable sense of entitlement [here, I agree].
  • The lower classes, especially in developing countries, are the greatest threat to the rest of the world, and their consumption and reproduction must be engineered to limit their impact on the ecology [again, hard to disagree with this].
  • Nation-states exist to serve the Enlightened and facilitate their Utopia, and so they only need to focus on domestic suppression:  hence, the unfettered expansion of gendarmie, despite the unrelenting attenuation of Western military competence and readiness.
Kim Il Sung said he only need 30% of DPRK's population to achieve his dream.  For the oligarchs, that percentage is even lower.

Think about that.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Why Putin Needs to Conquer the Baltic States

Putin has a lot of killing to finish in Ukraine, and so one may ask, "Does he have the nerve and the means to finish the job in the Baltics?"

The answer:  he has no choice.

No, it's not just Strelkov agitating against him:  it's the future of Russia at stake:  Russia must break the EU and make it submit to Russian patronage.

What are the mechanics?  Let's review how this would work:

1) Russia invades Baltics.
2) EU inveighs and menaces yet does nothing.
3) Russia completes conquest.
4) Nationalists and anti-Brussels/Nationalist/syndicate factions in EU see the moral, intellectual, and spiritual vacuum in Brussels and in establishment EU elite, and they SWEEP elections or impose crippling protests that cause, this time, governments to crumble.  The era of humiliation from ECB is over, and the Euro collapses (or is "redefined").
5) Putin backs a new, pro-Russian elite, and helps them insinuate themselves to the top positions of the EU elite.
6) In exchange for Putin's support, the newer, smaller EU will be expected to help "support" Russia and "expand trade" (extortion, I would assume), in addition to helping forestall US trade deals and impose protectionism on IP and goods from anti-Russian nations.  This effort would find support from unions and nationalistic European groups, who fear American hegemony and Brussels' nihilistic and inhumane austerity.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Myth of "Overcapacity", or Moloch's Utility

In cozy offices around the world, blithe people make predictions about this and that.  They adjust the thermostat, answer their phones, consume whatever food they desire immediately upon demand, and otherwise have a comfortable, easy life.

One discussion that rankled me to the point of expressing my thoughts in a blog post entails that of "overcapacity".  Let's make something VERY clear:  the bulk of mankind is deprived:  deprived of quality medicine, clean water, loving attention, nutricious food, quality infrastructure, and recourse against injustices committed against them.

The ONLY REASON you have an apparent "overcapacity" comes from a deprivation of the powerless in this world.  The wealth of the world continues to hoard into larger yet fewer piles, thereby starving those people on the outside, and those who control the hoards of wealth offer them birth control, abortion, and euthanasia as "solutions".

If we had proper revolution and a more humane global order, the "demand" would prove staggering for these "surperflous" goods.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The reconquest of Kievan Rus (and Estonia, later) by Putin Khan

Ukraine is lost.

Many brave Ukrainians sacrificed everything for their country and their freedom, but they will fall before the baleful horde from the East.  Just as Russian noblemen died many glorious deaths in battle against the Khan, the brave Ukrainians fighting the reincarnation of the Horde also face doom and annihilation.

Why?  Simple:  Ukraine alone can not defeat the Horde, and Ukraine WILL REMAIN ALONE IN THIS FIGHT.

Putin Khan's victory, which is the reconquest of territories conquered by Batu Khan, will be fulfilled only with the capitulation of Odessa to "Novorossiya".  To slowly win all this territory, Putin Khan must make Ukraine as isolated as possible.  Now, this could technically be a challenge if the US had a real President, but since the US is ruled by arrogant oligarchs and administered by fools, there is no chance of success against Putin Khan.

Firstly, Putin Khan will distract, drain, and isolate the US with an idiotic sideshow in Syria and Iraq against ISIS.  Already, America is alone (the French participation is a joke).

Secondly, he has already coordinated with Hulagu Khan assaults in the Occident against all puppet-US regimes, and given the effectiveness of US security against "incursions" in Libya, the petty tyrants will tremble before the baleful Hulagu Khan.

Now, America is spread thin, entangling all possible allies into complicated, intractable, and perpetual conflicts in Hulagu Khan's frontier.  How much more patience will the Germans have for the Americans?  Will they trust their leadership when Obama fails -- AGAIN -- (and he will fail:  I guarantee that), when he tries to have them support a far more dangerous, costly, and local conflict in their backyard?

No, I didn't think so.

Ukraine is lost.