Monday, August 24, 2015

Breaking Buffett -- End of Empire and the War for Germany

You can't "break" Buffett because that's analogous to defeating gravity:  Buffett invests alongside principles determined by dispassionate analysis of economic and investment trends.  To "break Buffett" would require either vitiating fundamental principles of either sound economic theory or rational investment practices.  In short, to "break Buffett" is to suspend or violate logic.

Ironically (or "inevitably", as the sapient mutter), Bill Gates and Buffett both financed and backed Obama, and they asked Obama to have a "multi-polar world" to help lower US defense spending and create a "sustainable" budget and maximize "velocity" amongst the "stuck" poor and working class to provide a market in which to lend and bubble-up (e.g. "blacklivesmatter", charter schools in Harlem [re-zoning for future capital gains], minimum wage policies in urban blue ghettos to inflate assets, etc).  This "multi-polar" fallacy was Obama's doctrine, and suitably, it will precipitate the end of his donors' fortunes ("non-profit fiefdoms/waqf's", precisely).  Bill and Warren think so highly of themselves, they thought that their business empires could get a free ride without Daddy Warbux protecting them.

How, then, will Buffett be broken, and along with him, the entire "monotonic wealth train" that determines our fate in the West?  It's very simple:  only the end of Empire can up-end the monotonic wealth machine ("MWM").

People in the West take it for granted that they can export their labor to a wide-ranging market.  Of course, in accordance with the current a-historical fashion amongst our supposed intellectual elite, there is "no more history", and so the past has no bearing on the future (Buffett also once said that if history mattered, historians would be the richest people on earth).

Often, great success presages catastrophe:  it's almost as if we're programmed to self-destruct after success, especially over multiple generations.

You should wonder, now, "How does the Empire end?"  Simple:  it ends with righteous indignation, protests, frustration, recrimination, and the total bankruptcy of prior trade paradigms.  The "War for Germany" is ongoing, right now, and it will prove at catastrophe for the MWM:  Germany is losing market access by the day, from Russian autarky to Chinese currency debasement:  all her "growth markets" attenuate or completely drop-out, leaving her with no customers with which to sate her hunger.  The only solution:  increase domestic consumption.  Part of this solution includes importing fresh meat from refugee-exporting nations.

However, that comes at a price!  We can NOT have "two Americas" in the world:  they simply don't make sense.  Will Germany allow her consumers to indulge in American tech monopolies, just as would she allow American tech monopolies dominate her industrial sector?  What smart and bold Russians DO KNOW is that Germany, long-term, will be destroyed by the US, and rather than tolerate defeat (again) at American hands, she will do what Germany did in 1945:  burn her fields, blow up her bridges, and commit suicide:  namely, she'll embrace protectionism and embrace her Russian neighbor, forever subordinate to the horde.  In exchange, Germany will get access to some token markets and keep the State afloat...  however, propaganda will become more strident and anti-US, as the moriBUND economy rankles the spirit of her people.

Russia blackmails Germany using China's market, and Germany will blackmail the US using the EU's market.  No one anywhere wants to truly reform, because that means sharing, and sharing is caring, and no one cares!

Ok, why does Buffett care about any of this?  He doesn't.  He believes in "rational", in the principles under the MWM, and those principles don't include "cutting off one's nose to spite his face".  He believes in America, which is good and profitable, but will America remain profitable without export markets?  Can America maintain her economy without stupid foreign inflows from trading partners who lose $ on their trade with us?

If you proposed this thesis to Buffett, he'd declare either "idiotic" or "crazy".  Well, that's why it needs to happen.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Future Genocide, Or How To Serve Man

We are twenty years away from a mass-genocide event in the West.

You disagree?  Let me explain how this will work:

Imagine a beautiful box, carved from aromatic, exotic wood, with an intricate golden skull button on the top of it.  Every time you push on the golden skull button, money issues from the side of the box through a small hole.

If I told you that some useless stranger died, painlessly and instantly, every time you pushed that button, when would you stop pushing it?

The answer:  you would only stop when you killed yourself.

Monday, March 9, 2015

War and the end of the "nation-state"

Every day, the Western oligarchies or bureaucracies do their best to imbue their population with servility towards their elite and apathy towards their own miserable lives.  Great gains abound for having to share less with these lower castes sorts:  inferior people merit less of everything and should accept poor treatment.

Recently, the erstwhile "core" of the Western population, "white" (whatever that means, as if men from Portugal to Vladivastok are identical?) men, became grist for this eugenic mill.  By lowering their value in society and reducing their public image to nil, these men no longer have any incentive, unless completely moronic or mercenary, to "serve their country".  I argue these men no longer have any "public value", under the CURRENT paradigm, because they are literally not even worth killing in war:  their lives have so little value, that society (i.e. the 50 richest men in America) would vouchsafe any attention given to their suicides/sacrifice.  This is why we can't even SEE a crippled veteran:  he's literally invisible, and we must STRAIN to help or acknowledge him, because subconsciously, we despise him for his weakness(again, because we are part of the eugenic cult):  one, for his servility to a contumacious master, the techno-messianic eugenic machine, and two, for his atrocious judgement, which, under our eugenic god, justifies his mutilation and humiliation.  The machine does not accept blood sacrifice.

We can see the very decay of the nation-state in the decline from WWI, in which the officer corps drew from the real elite, to today, where financial necessity or a servile desire for a cozy sinecure dominate officer career motivation.  In the past two administrations, all senior officers possessing both talent and integrity have found themselves "Men for All Seasons" and duly dispatched.

I have no interest in the details of the military's predicament, as it's completely determined by the value attributed to both Public Man and the nation-state:  they all decline together and at the same pace.  However, we need to look at this decay and ask ourselves, "Does it make sense to even kill your enemy if you intend to harm him?"

Today, in the "welfare state", the elite, consciously or not, seek to sterilize and quietly "kill-off" and replace their own population with a hybrid of supermen and extremely servile, nearly sterile slaves(need some population generation for talent creation but ensure to sterilize all non-genius children).  With the lower classes seen as a pure burden, a true maraudering force that could kill without panic nor destruction to property would find itself... welcome:  the lower classes burden the elite with a foul and intractable liability, from their insistence on entitlements to their self-destructive demand for participation in the political process (the work of hundreds at the top, not the droppings of moronic millions crawling below).

Given this imperative for "improving society", if one desired the wealth and power of his neighboring oligarchs/bureaucrats, would a war in the manner of recent memory even make sense?  If both factions offer the same annihilation to the lower classes, and if the lower classes are conscious of this (increasingly the case), then there's no effective means for drafting the proles into one's cause, especially given advanes in drones and chemical/biological warfare.  Does this subconscious or conscious (in more enlightened) understanding not explain the complete collapse in defense spending in the EU and the total disinterest in Putin's adventures?

Should we consider returning to the Feudal era methods, where one raided directly the enemy's estates and focused on plunder and "free companies" reigned?  Can we have economic and social feudalism yet maintain a military system from the Imperial era?  Will an ISIS officer inveigh against his mercurial Western mercenaries in a scene reminiscient of "Lawerence of Arabia", except with the races reversed?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Putin's Ukraine End-Game

Putin's war in Ukraine goes worse than he hoped but better than he feared:  he can capture his strategic port objective of Mariupol and Odessa by the Spring.  However, he will need to mobilize heavy weapons, marines, and air and naval support to crush the defenders:  this means certainly provoking NATO into a coherent "response".

Here's the trick, though, and here's how Putin still wins (pay attention):

Assume Putin murders, oh, 50k Ukrainians between his Odessa and Mariupol assaults and manages to occupy both ports, perhaps even establishing a perfunctory land-bridge to Crimea.  Putin will also risk some units to occupy other key cities, neither one of them a strategic port, as chips for a future "concession" deal.

Now, with the EU in a tizzy about the war, Greece driving Germany away from "neo-liberalism", and America seen as an obtrusive interloper, Putin can prepare his finale:  precisely when the US exhausts itself cohering some sort of NATO response, at great political cost within Germany and France, Russia will, precisely at this moment, offer a credible PEACE deal, including a Eurasian trade zone!

Yes, a peace deal, "ex-nihilio":  frustrating, isn't it, to be a second-rate intellect responsible for a sovereign?  Well, it gets even better:  With McCain and other "hawks" offending French and Germany sensibilities, it will provide free fodder for the anti-US factions in both Germany and France to gain further political power: the war in Ukraine is not only a Russian civil war projected West, but it's also receives positive energy and support from frustrated protest factions in the Western EU, who ascend.

There won't be a WW3:  precisely when it seems inevitable, at the darkest hour, Putin will 'save the world'.  He receives an indulgence from the Holy Roman Empire, sanctions lifted, some perfunctory concessions granted to Ukraine, and that, my cherished reader, will be the end of this war.

Whether or not Putin makes a rush for the Baltics only depends on the terms he achieves in this peace treaty:  if not suitable, he'll have little choice but to invade them, but not for another year or so, at least.

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Beginning of the End: Socializing and Control of Internet Data

A major theme of this blog has been the "socialization" of data in the EU, in accordance with Evgeny Morozov's thesis.

Let's start with the first coup, "the right to be forgotten":

"In considering whether to apply delisting to versions of search targeted at users outside of Europe, including globally, we acknowledge that doing so may ensure more absolute protection of data subject's rights," the report said. "However, it is the conclusion of the majority that there are competing interests that outweigh the additional protection afforded to the data subject."
Google has reluctantly been scrubbing search results of unwanted content upon request since June, erasing links from the European versions of its site, including in Germany and in France. Those results, however, still appear on
 Why did the European Commission, which has a Soviet attitude towards the European people, down to regulating the type of hair dryer they may purchase (because of a Malthusian concern for the ecology), advocate on behalf of the "privacy and dignity" of a private person?  This is VERY un-European and most certainly uncharacteristic for the European Commission, the Supreme Soviet.

Recall:  the top administrators in the EU are lawyers or have legal understanding:  to properly end US data monopolies in the EU and with EU trading partners requires a very robust legal predicate and supporting social philosophy.  Then, how to best shephard the cultivation of a "personal data law"?  How about by using the "human rights" argument, with the first case about some humiliated and impoverished Spaniard.

Let's look at the logic, here:  if I can assert that Google can not share data that incriminates me, publicly, by giving me protection through a "right to be forgotten", then how is it consistent to maintain this right and NO OTHERS?  By asserting a "right to be forgotten", the EC has established the key anvil upon which she can beat "new laws" that, if not created and enforced, would contradict the letter and spirit of the "right to be forgotten".  More importantly, there exists the possibility to create new laws which would, with the existing "right to be forgotten", also further constrain the exclusively private retention of internet search and commercial data.

Let's look at an example:  if I have the "right to be forgotten" on the principle of human dignity, then what if I claim that using the internet is a "human right".

In March 2014, the European commission recognised access to drinking water as a human right, and recognising access to the internet as a human right should be the priority of the EU digital agenda.
This would be the best possible starting point from which to implement the bridging of the European Union’s digital divide - the digital agenda’s next priority.

If access to the internet is considered a "right", something indispensable for quality life in our society and an essential tool, like running water or roads, then, because I've already established that the internet must be "humane" in how it treats a private citizen, it must also now play a PUBLIC role, since it is a right.

Before, we assumed the internet was a private interaction, and so we could only attack a public effect that would harm a private person.  However, by considering the internet a "public good", we now have the mandate to impose our "welfare consideration" upon the internet.  This means if a fat man keeps getting ads for junk food, a drug addict for synthetic opiates, or a pedophile for atrocious media, then the State has a mandate to intervene in the private person's interaction and forestall this Public Evil resulting from a Public Good.  However, if Google can no longer provide "directed advertising" that will maximize its return on the search data(i.e. "exploit the public in its use of the Public Good"), how will it make money from the search?

Ok, perhaps Google (and now Facebook) can sell it's "synthetic person", your profile dervied from your web acticities to private entities who seek to maximize their marketing return from your expected consumption:  BUT WAIT!   If it is MY HUMAN RIGHT to use the internet, then as a member of society, I can justifiably expect to have the same model as for other consumption-related human rights, such as water and food:  I may consume it from private parties, but in all cases, the State superintends the transaction and regulates every component and step of the trade.

Here comes the key problem with the internet as a human right:  if I elect to use a non-monopoly service, I suffer:  because everyone uses Google and Facebook, they are the only viable services as they depend on being used to be useful (pardon my mutilated English).  Therefore, if I have NO CHOICE in service, at all, then it's like saying water is a human right, but I can only drink sparkling water, or water that tastes like paint thinner:  can you have a human right without choice?  If I say you can eat at any restaurant, as long as it's Chinese, does the ABSENCE OF CHOICE, itself, not inherently vitiate your rights?

Note:  we could argue that water utilities, railroads, and roads don't "allow choice", and that to enable "choice" for these utilities would reduce their inherent value, which is TRUE:  however, there is no physical constraint in the case of the internet, and the data can be stored and computed anywhere without any loss of value to anyone:  we can maintain the existence of this infrastructure without "losing choice", but there's no viable way to do this without, like most public infrastructure in Europe, socializing the asset to make it coherent with the political and cultural imperatives of the EU: because I CAN'T move the railroad without destroying it, I must SOCIALIZE the wealth effect to justly distribute its benefit to the public while maintaing a fair return for the good operation of the utility.

Hence, to make the internet a true "human right", I should be able to elect ANY vendor without undue punishment, otherwise, my assertion of "human right" is a contradiction, since "free will" is an indispensable component of "human rights".  Therefore, the EU must apply a data policy that...  eliminates monopolies, and as Evgeny Morozov wisely concludes, the only sensible path is a "data socialization" model:  let the society as a whole, as best it can, benefit from the publics' own data, rather than realizing windfall profits for a handful of data and determination feudal lords.

We all know Europe:  the State "needs to protect the public" from "abusing" this public good, just as it doesn't allow unregulated sewage systems nor badly-paved roads:  public safety is for all our good, no?  The power of data is total:  there's no room for "sharing" it, and so the EU recognizes the need to end this American incursion once and for all.

Germany is Sick of the EU, and the EU is Sick of Germany: Eurasian Vector

To force growth in the EU is squeezing blood from a stone.  Germany needs new markets and new borrowers, not these moribund, crappy, refractory EU states.

Wouldn't it be great if somehow, Germany could win access to previously closed or highly protected markets, apply all its infrastructure, manufacturing, and engineering capacity, and in the process, put her banks back to work to finance all of this, too?

Why, yes, she could, and with better terms than the last time Germany blew a credit bubble.

The solution to a failed credit bubble is a bigger and better one. Why not give Eurasia a try?

Of course, they'll need a Russian partnership, but that's expected.

Update:  German-US relationship already coming undone:,var=a,view=conversionToLogin.bild.html

Monday, February 2, 2015

Mega-Confluence: Critical Economic & Political Paradigm Shift Imminent

We're witnessing the confluence of, heretofore (I got to use this word!), disparate trends and developments.  They are the following:

  • Google behemoth finally provoking existential terror amongst German manufacturers, not just auto manufacturers:  through its data-determinism, it'll reduce German engineers to glorified "Uber drivers":  Siemens, ABB, and of course the automakers will face annihilation under Google dominance.
  • EU facing further austerity backlash and moribund economy under ancien regime: even Germans are becoming fed-up with their self-denial so they can export cars to Americans who really shouldn't be buying them at all.  The appaling birthrates and ethnic frustrations attenuate support for the mercantile paradigm used from the end of WWII till today, forcing Europeans to finally address the problem of domestic consumption.
  • Russian Holy Empire ambitions seeks to help galvanize opposition to US leadership in both political and economic affairs:  the German Wise Men are quite happy to use Putin and Snowden as their foil in sloughing-off the Google/Facebook Medusa, in addition to condoning a Greek "arbitrage" opportunity to smuggle Russian goods in order to cover their German debts.
  • The EU itself is facing existential metaphysical crisis and an acute lack of purpose, especially after allowing Russia to depredate Ukraine with abandon.  If, and this is a big IF, the US provides military support to Ukraine, Putin will smile with glee as he brutally escalates the conflict and can, he hopes, finally drive the fatal wedge between Germany and the US.
I need to emphasize the "data socialization" plan of Evgeny Morozov, an influential and well-respected intellectual with logical, concrete proposals that will preserve the EU market and protect it (the key word) from American domination.  In fact, under his propose solution to "socialize data", the EU could expand that protocol to her trading partners, who could then deprive Silicon Valley not only of windfall profits, but preserve their data for their own industries, to be distributed by the State rather than oligarchs in spaceships.

I'm staking my claim, here and now:  Google can't get bigger without destroying the EU.  The EU must defend her interests, and Putin is acutely aware of this economic menace to the European economy.  All of these threads are finally reaching confluence and will come to a head, leading to a massive market disruption:  yes, "data socialization" in the EU will cause a catastrophic crash in Silicon Valley.  This is the German Wise Men's dream, and they are willing to not only sacrifice Ukraine but the Baltic States, if necessary, to achieve it.  Do not underestimate the self-interests of the Western European establishment in protecting their market share:  after all, isn't the French Foreign Legion nothing more than the "enforecement" arm of TOTAL SA?